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My Philosophy

We won’t have real health until we revert to eating real food. In the last 100 years or so, and more radically in the last 40-50 years, we have so drastically altered our food supply as to make it mostly unrecognizable to our great grandmothers. Processed and fast foods are readily accessible, seemingly delicious, cheap, nutrient poor, refined for a long shelf life, and available around the clock. We cannot be healthy or slim and fit on a diet of processed industrial food.  Until we wake up and take responsibility for what we put in our mouths we will continue to be fat and suffer from the lifestyle diseases that plague us—diabetes, allergies, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, dementia and other mental disorders, etc.

We must change our collective attitude and take responsibility for our health. We can’t solve the health care crisis and continue to eat all the processed refined pseudo-food being produced by the food industry. Current medical advances consist, for the most part, of the development of drugs and procedures designed to allow us to continue our unhealthy lifestyles and just take a pill.  There is a profit incentive, not a health incentive, in this system, and it treats only symptoms, not the underlying causes.  Over time health care costs continue to rise and our health continues to decline.

We must look back in our history and see what sustained populations over the eons. We are ancient beings and cannot have vibrant health eating diets that restrict important nutrient dense foods and depend on highly processed industrial concoctions. Whole nutritious food is far tastier than industrial food with its artificial flavors, chemical enhancers and long shelf life. Real food will rot or spoil within a few days but should be eaten it before it does.

Realfood-realhealth is designed as aid and support for the difficult but ultimately very worthwhile process of transitioning to a more healthful diet from wherever we are in the process.  Any steps taken toward consuming whole, unprocessed, nutrient dense foods will bring us that much closer to optimal health.