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Hi. I am Nancy Howarth, and I decided to write this blog in order to resolve a large amount of the confusion and misinformation that exists in the fields of nutrition and health.  My qualifications include both formal and informal education over the last 50 or so years, making me uniquely qualified to distinguish between well done and poorly done scientific studies and between accurate information and popular myths.

My fascination with food and nutrition started in late childhood but opportunities in the field seemed to be limited to dietetics (early 1960s), so I pursued a career in science teaching instead. My interest was rekindled when my first child was born and I attended and then led La Leche League meetings, where I counseled new mothers on breastfeeding skills as well as nutrition. For years thereafter I learned everything I could about nutrition, weight maintenance, and various chronic diseases as I raised my family and taught high school biology.

In 1999, with my youngest child in college, I enrolled as a graduate student at Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition, Science and Policy, did research on fiber and weight regulation, and earned my Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism.  After a stint as a postdoctoral researcher on nutritional aspects of cancer I retired to pursue my own interests in the health benefits of real whole food. My goal for this blog is to disseminate information and stimulate discussion about how what we eat and how we live affect our health.

My experience and knowledge of both evolutionary biology and nutrition science make me exceptionally qualified to evaluate information that is published in the scientific press and the popular media, as well as to expose the truth about the many claims made about the effects on health of this or that food or dietary regimen.  While in graduate school I had the nagging feeling that there was something not quite right about much of what I was learning.  That feeling has turned out to be accurate, which is what I want to share and discuss with you by way of this blog.

Information provided in my posts reflects what I have learned over a lifetime of study and experience.  It is meant to elucidate why a switch to whole natural foods may improve health and eventually the healthcare system.  It is in no way to be deemed medical advice or a prescription for any medical condition.